Always Say YES! This Is How I became Successful In Music

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Always Say YES! This Is How I became Successful In Music

A few weeks back I got a call from a music producer in Hollywood who wanted me to play drums on a song (new promotional video) for the very popular video game "Immortal Hero".  As always I was grateful and excited to get started.

Time to give the song a listen.  The first thing I noticed in the demo was the heavy use of double bass drumming that would be required.  Traditionally I am a single kick drummer.  I can play double bass beats even can execute some cool dig me licks but I don't consider myself a 'double bass drummer'.  The genre was heavy metal and again, I am not your first call 'heavy metal drummer'.  The producer had confidence in me and said that I was the "perfect guy for the track".

So with just a sight bit of apprehension I said yes, and took on the job.  The recording process wasn't much different than any other drum track that I create.  I gave the demo track several good listens and made notes on the provided chart and began working on my moves.  My goal was to incorporate the signature parts from the drums on the demo into my performance but maintain the approach, execution, feel and fill ideas that are unique to my drumming skills and style.

End result is the client was super happy, the video debut is huge, trending big time!  Not being a 'metal drummer' I was able to capture enough edge in my playing and showed a few nice double bass beats and fills to light up the mix.  So never let your fears or apprehensions drive you away from what could be a successful musical connection.  Believe that you can do it and 9 out of 10 times you can.



  • Chet Cline

    You killed it Dave! And the next gig will require the Purdie shuffle and you can kill that too 👏

  • Roxstar

    Awesome job !! Sounds incredible!!

  • Mark Masters

    Great advice, believe in yourself and seize the day! Congrats Dave.

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