Finding New Inspiration

Everyone goes through rough times developing their technical and physical abilities on the drums.  I find it most useful to practice things I do not play well or that I am not completely comfortable with over playing all the things I already know.  Yes you must maintain your smoothness and agility in the strong areas of your drumming however concentrating on your lessor developed areas will further strengthen and ease your playing in your more comfortable styles or phrasings.

I picked up a book by Rick Latham (local LA drummer/educator) "Contemporary Drumset Techniques" and there are some beautiful systems and combinations in this book.  Exercises on page 9 are smooth, syncopated, fluid and everything cycles so you lead (start with) each hand.

Pay close attention to the accenting... This is key for a good starting point.  Hear the way the writer intended it to sound then do your own thing.  I always suggest that you make any lesson or beat 'your own' by adding your own embellishments, accents, doubles, dynamics...

Finally, this book is full of syncopated grooves and linear sticking so if you are looking to strengthen that area of your drumming and become more independent with your limbs, this book is a good gateway to giving you balance and flow but most importantly a great sounding groove!   

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